Become a Training Provider

Why should I offer the SPA Passport scheme?

This is the leading multi-industry health and safety training passport scheme. A number of key industry sectors have already developed in partnership with us tailored industry-specific training packages and we are currently working with many more potential partners. Safety Pass Alliance is an organisation providing a safety passport scheme to many industrial, retail and service sectors.

This industry-led, nationally recognised scheme reflects proposed Health and Safety Executive (HSE) syllabus guidance.

There is a high level of demand for the SPA Passport programme. The scheme represents a UK-wide commercial opportunity, giving you the chance to open up new markets for your business.

How can I become an SPA Passport trainer?

You will need to hold the NEBOSH Certificate (or equivalent) as the minimum health and safety qualification and you will need relevant training delivery experience and/or a training qualification. You will also need to attend a familiarisation session which explains the background to the scheme and the administration procedures in detail, and ideally the Passport training day for each training package that you plan to deliver.

If, for example, you want to offer the SPA Core day,  you must undertake the Core day training and pass the assessments yourself. Some sectors require trainers to have additional industry-specific knowledge.

There are a number of information leaflets available for you, including Prices, Applications and Training Materials Orders. Please click on the links below to download the form(s) you require:

How long does the training take?

The SPA training is currently designed to be delivered over one or two days. The SPA Core day is generic to all industries and forms the first day of training. The second day, if required, covers sector specific training.

What’s in the SPA Passport package?

Each training package includes access to the trainers portal where all course material is available to download including; presentation, tutor workbook, media, administration guide and end assessments.

What do successful Delegates get?

A robust, secure plastic photocard, valid for three years, is given to each participant who completes the training successfully. The Passport, issued within 14 working days, features photo and personal information. The Passports are printed using a process which embeds the dye in the card – similar to the UK driving licence. Printed cards are coated with a holocote finish to ensure the Passport is tamper-proof.

How is the Passport checked?

All Passport details are held on a central database which can be interrogated by clients for validity.

SPA Auditing

SPA audit all of our training providers every 12 months. This will include an audit of the paperwork process as well as a visit to see a course being delivered with a Trainer. Each trainer must deliver a minimum of one course within a 12 month period to remain eligible, if not achieved a familiarisation course will be required to re-apply.

Like to know more?

Contact Shirley Lovegrove, SPA General Manager 01926 817450