About Us

Safety Pass Alliance (SPA) Ltd designs and implements Safety Passport Training Schemes

Our safety passport programmes are comprised of training courses delivered through a National Network of accredited training providers

SPA is committed to providing a nationally recognised standard of Health and Safety training assurance. SPA courses are designed to provide delegates with an understanding of their health and safety responsibilities at work in compliance with their legal requirements, best practice in Health and Safety and their organisation’s Health and Safety policy

 The SPA Passport

SPA Card

Any additional training courses completed can be stamp printed on the reverse side

HSE Acknowledged

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) acknowledge that the cost effective safety passport programme drives good practice through the supply chain, increasing safety awareness and contributing to higher standards of Health and Safety and Environmental performance

Safety Pass Alliance work with Employers, Employer Associations, Trade Unions, National Trading Organisations and other relevant bodies to design and develop training programmes that are specifically tailored to suit each sector

SPA have designed and accredited a range of passports for different industry sectors. Example;  the UK Petrol Industry Association (UKPIA) , in the development of a Contractor Petrol Retail Passport which is widely adopted and considered best practice within the petroleum industry sector

SPA also work alongside the Mineral Product Sector, devising and implementing a Quarry Passport for the quarry industry, in conjunction with MPQC the awarding body. Additionally, SPA work with Production Services Association (PSA) for Live Events Technical Production

Overall Benefits of the Safety Pass Alliance (SPA) Limited Scheme

  • Developed by the sector to create best practice throughout the sector
  • Designed for Contractors, Casual workers or Employees
  • A known standard within the sector when recruiting staff
  • Training can be carried out in-house or by an SPA accredited training company
  • Exemptions are given to other training where agreed by the sector
  • Increased safety awareness contributing to higher standards of safety performance
  • Commonly recognised and validated standard
  • Validation accepted in other sectors
  • Shorter site specific induction
  • Quicker site mobilisation
  • Overall cost reduction to Client and Contractor
  • Refresher course at 3-yearly intervals

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