Vehicle Mis-Fuellers

Vehicle mis-fuelling is where a driver may put petrol into their diesel vehicle or vice versa

The SPA Vehicle Mis-fuellers course is specifically made for those Employees and Contractors who work within the vehicle mis-fuelling industry

This course has been developed in association with the Roadside Fuel Recovery Standard working group (RFRS)

SPA Core Day

  • Organising for Safety
  • The Workplace
  • Work Equipment
  • Health
  • Procedures
  • The Environment

Mis-fuellers Course

  • Introduction & human behaviours
  • Flammable liquids & diesel exhaust fluid
  • Fire
  • Risk Assessment
  • Forecourt Documentation
  • Location hazards & safe areas of work (incl hazard zones)
  • ‘A day in the life’
  • Vehicle
  • Unattended vehicle parking
  • Vehicle Recovery Standards
  • Customer information
  • Dynamic risk assessments
  • Removal to safe location
  • Towing
  • Working at the roadside
  • Spillage
  • Near miss reporting
  • ADR / Dangerous Goods Awareness
  • Introduction to dangerous goods
  • Gases
  • Dangerous goods awareness
  • Packaging
  • PPE
  • Fire

People coming into the industry can now take the course to prove safety competency as a vehicle mis-fueller. This course does not replace the SPA Core and Petrol Retail retail course and applies only to vehicle mis-fuellers. For contractors working on a Petrol forecourt they still need to also attend the SPA Petrol Retail course

In 2020 a refresher course became available to renew the Core and Mis-fueller’s passports

Vehicle Mis-Fuellers Vehicle Mis-Fuellers