SPA Module – Mobile Engineer

SPA Module – Mobile Engineer

Course Aim

To build on basic health and safety information by concentrating on risks specifically associated with a mobile engineer

To understand the implications of: risk of personal injury, cost to the business, job security, environment not properly considered

Learning Objectives

To ensure delegates know what a mobile engineer is, and to be aware of the associated hazards.

On completion of this module delegates will be able to:

State what you need to have in place for a safe place of work as a mobile technician

Understand that planning and training as well as skills and competence are important to ensure you do the right things at the right time


  • Road accidents – the hazards of a mobile worker
  • Good housekeeping and roof racks
  • Welfare and safety
  • Plant and equipment
  • Health and fitness
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Journey planning
  • Mobile phones and distractions
  • Arriving on site

Success Indicators

Assessment results: Will demonstrate an acceptable theoretical understanding and an increase in the awareness of a mobile engineer.