Gain your ECS Card Electrotechnical Certification Scheme

Since 01 August 2018 new qualification requirements have been in effect for all new applications for this card.

What are the new requirements?

You must meet the criteria for one of two routes, depending on your existing qualifications:

Route 1: Do you already hold a JIB approved electrical theory qualification?

If you already have a JIB-approved electrical theory qualification such as C&G2365,2330 or 2360(or EAL Equivalents)this will be accepted for your labourers card. A full list of approved qualifications is available via You will also need to pass the ECS Health, Safety and Environmental Assessment.

Route 2:If you don’t hold a JIB- approved electrical theory qualification

You’ll need the following:

Successful completion of the following Health & Safety Courses:

Safety Pass Alliance (SPA) Core H&S Course not the SPA MPQC Core

2. You only need to sit a separate ECS Health, Safety & Environmental Assessment if you passed the above courses over three years ago.

Assessment. If you have taken the courses listed in item 1 within the last three years, you do not have to sit the separate ECS HS&E Assessment.

3. Proof of employment in the electrical industry This needs to be in the form of a written reference from your employer to confirm you are employed by that company. If you normally work for an employment business or labour