How outsourcing can affect workplace safety and health

The occupational safety and health implications of outsourcing across a range of sectors and ways in which this organisational change can impact safety management practices and procedures will be discussed as part of an upcoming round-table event on Tuesday 5 November at Cranfield University.

The event is organised by Drs Colin Pilbeam and David Denyer from Cranfield University and will see the two researchers discuss the findings of IOSH-funded research, scheduled for publication later this year.

The study has considered how occupational safety and health performance can be sustained or enhanced following outsourcing in a variety of sectors and how practices vary when working with different types of contractors.

Organisations interviewed as part of the study operate in three sectors – Manufacturing, Logistics and Pharmaceuticals, and outsource a wide variety of different tasks, including construction and facilities management as well as specialist activities.

The event will:

  • Share findings from the project through case studies from well-known organisations
  • Identify cross-sector applications for managing contractor health and safety
  • Test the wider applicability of the models for engaging contractors safely
  • Explore further opportunities for collaborative research in this area

Dr Pilbeam said: “Following the enthusiastic reception of the research at the IOSH 2019 Conference, where I presented on the research, I am excited by the opportunity to discuss the findings with practitioners on the 5th November. There will no doubt be some fireworks!”

The event will be held at Cranfield University, School of Management, Cranfield Management Research Institute (CMRI) on Tuesday, 5 November 2019 from 10.00 to 16.00.