NEW Petrol Retail V4

Safety Pass Alliance Ltd

*Updated* Petrol Retail Package


The safety passport scheme for the petrol retail industry is the product of a unique collaboration between major oil clients UKPIA, Cogent and SPA, forming the PRNSG (Petrol Retail National Safety Group).

The first two day initial courses were held in October 2000; since then there are now in excess of 15,500, live Petrol Retail passports.

The specific training focuses on the practical issues of identifying potential hazards, safe working practices and controlling of work in the petrol retail workplace, enabling contract workers and employees to prove their awareness of the basic principles of health and safety.


The package has had many text, picture, notes pages and assessment paper updates but the main change is the mandatory exercise.

This exercise has been designed to add a practical element to the course, and is designed in such a way there are various options as to how it can be run based on the audience.

As part of the exercise there are some hazard spotting questions based on a picture of a petrol station. Delegates are also required to complete a risk assessment of the tasks they would carry out on a petrol station.

There are now three photographs of a petrol station scene this will hopefully give greater flexibility to cover all audiences.

Forecourt(for contractors whose work is predominately outside)

Shop (for contractors mainly working inside the shop)

Construction phase (designed for contractors working mainly during construction phases)