New SPA Price List

From 1st October 2013 we will be increasing our passport prices to £20, not only will this now fall in line with our competitors, the price will now also include the annual audit visit and travel costs to each training provider. The change comes with a welcome opinion amongst training providers who claim it is an ‘excellent idea’.

The new Price list can be seen below:

SPA Passport Scheme

UK Prices

From 01st October 2013

All prices listed below are subject to VAT

Initial Fees

Initial Accreditation Fee (including first year Core licence) £550 (travel costs of 49p per mile apply + accommodation / expenses if applicable)

Annual Fees

Annual licence fee – Core £115.00

Annual licence fee – Sector £115.00

Annual licence fee – Module £25.00

Training Packages

Core training package £900

Construction / Live Events (1 day package) £900

Sector training package Petrol Retail £900

Sector training package / Supervisor £800

SPA Modules £99

Core Renewal package £450

Petrol Retail Renewal package which includes petrol DVD* £925

Other Sector Renewal packages £800

Additional Course Material CD’s if required £30

Additional DVD (if required) £30

Fees per course

Course fee, per day £16.00

(Includes recorded delivery return of permanent passports)

Passport fee £20 (includes SPA annual audit and travel expenses)

Extra Sector Body Registration Fee per Candidate

Petrol Retail (Cogent) £2

Mineral Products (MPQC) £20

Live Events (PSA) £5


Mineral Products delegates will also be charged for a one off QCF Qualification of £20 each.

Replacement permanent passport fee – Must be paid for on ordering £30

(Includes recorded delivery return)

Tutor passport fee £15

Tutor Registration fee £30

Pocket Guides

Pocket guide – core – Payment to be made with order if under £20 £1 each

Pocket guide – sector £1 each

Postage prices for pocket guides as follows: 01 – 20 pocket guides = £3

21 – 50 = £7

51 – 200 = £16

Over 200 = £20

NOTE:- Minimum order of £25 + p&p