SPA Launch New Vehicle Mis-fueller Course

SPA has introduced a new course specifically made for those employees and contractors who work within the vehicle mis-fuelling industry. Vehicle mis-fuelling is where a driver may put petrol into their diesel vehicle or vice versa. There are approximately 150,000 mis-fuels every year within the UK.

Currently those involved in the activity could hold a current SPA Petrol Retail card to work on a Forecourt. Over 60% of mis-fuel activity happens away from the forecourt environment and so the existing petrol retail course doesn’t quite meet the requirements of the sector. SPA have been working alongside a working group – Roadside Fuel Recovery Standards (RFRS) that has been set up to look at the requirements of those working within the mis-fuelling industry.  The RFRS group is made up from mobile fuel remediation companies, equipment manufacturers and mixed fuel disposal organisations who have all brought their expertise into the new course. The group is looking to include the activity of mis-fuelling into a national standard for the breakdown & recovery industry which is known as PAS43. Part of the PAS43 standard will include safety training for those working within the industry.

Due to the specialised nature of this industry the new course will be 3 days in duration

Day 1: SPA Core Day

Day 2: Mis-fuellers Course which includes some elements of the existing petrol retail course

Day 3: Breakdown & Recovery standards and ADR / Hazardous Goods awareness

New people coming into the industry may now consider the new 3 day course to prove safety competency as a vehicle mis-fueller. Those who already hold an SPA petrol retail passport can now take a refresher course which is made from days 2&3.

Due to the very specific requirements of the industry SPA require training providers who have a good understanding of the industry including breakdown, recovery and fuel handling environments. There are 2 external SPA training providers at launch;

City Fuel Services 0161 641 2918

NE Risk  07772 033523

The new SPA Vehicle Mis-fuellers course is launched on 1st September 2016.

SPA will also be at the RFRS stand at the Tow Show – 6-7th September which is held at the Telford International Centre.

Further details of the vehicle mis-fueller passport scheme can be found here