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SPA Launch New Vehicle Mis-fueller Course

SPA has introduced a new course specifically made for those employees and contractors who work within the vehicle mis-fuelling industry. Vehicle mis-fuelling is where a driver may put petrol into their diesel vehicle or vice versa. There are approximately 150,000 mis-fuels every year within the UK.

Currently those involved in the activity could hold a current SPA Petrol Retail card to work on a Forecourt. Over 60% of mis-fuel activity happens away from the forecourt environment and so the existing petrol retail course doesn’t quite meet the requirements of the sector. SPA have been working alongside a working group – Roadside Fuel Recovery Standards (RFRS) that has been set up to look at the requirements of those working within the mis-fuelling industry.  The RFRS group is made up from mobile fuel remediation companies, equipment manufacturers and mixed fuel disposal organisations who have all brought their expertise into the new course. The group is looking to include the activity of mis-fuelling into a national standard for the breakdown & recovery industry which is known as PAS43. Part of the PAS43 standard will include safety training for those working within the industry.

Due to the specialised nature of this industry the new course will be 3 days in duration

Day 1: SPA Core Day

Day 2: Mis-fuellers Course which includes some elements of the existing petrol retail course

Day 3: Breakdown & Recovery standards and ADR / Hazardous Goods awareness

New people coming into the industry may now consider the new 3 day course to prove safety competency as a vehicle mis-fueller. Those who already hold an SPA petrol retail passport can now take a refresher course which is made from days 2&3.

Due to the very specific requirements of the industry SPA require training providers who have a good understanding of the industry including breakdown, recovery and fuel handling environments. There are 2 external SPA training providers at launch;

City Fuel Services 0161 641 2918

NE Risk  07772 033523

The new SPA Vehicle Mis-fuellers course is launched on 1st September 2016.

SPA will also be at the RFRS stand at the Tow Show – 6-7th September which is held at the Telford International Centre.

Further details of the vehicle mis-fueller passport scheme can be found here

SPA launch new e learning package for forecourt employees

Safety Pass Alliance have joined forces with the Petrol Retailers Association (PRA) to offer a comprehensive online training programme for all  forecourt operators and their employees.

The e-learning package, developed in association with SPA and PRA’s technical team which   gives employees a greater understanding of the level of  risk while working on a forecourt and how to ensure the safety of themselves and the public.

The training package comprises three modules:

Module 1: An induction for all new employees covering safe site operation, legal responsibilities, flammable products, hazard zones, forecourt ignition sources, site security, forecourt incidents, spills & leaks, fire and emergencies

Module 2: This covers daily operations it includes security, forecourt equipment, incident reporting, mis-fuelling, weather, and managing visitors and contractors

Module 3: Covering the safe unloading of tankers, this module include safe storage, preparing for a tanker, ullage, preparing documentation, unloading fuel, driver-assisted, actions by the driver, vapour recovery, emergencies and documentation

The training, which offers a consistent approach for all staff, even on multi-site estates, takes 2.5 hours for each employee to complete on a PC, laptop or tablet and can be easily monitored by managers. Each module has a printable certificate on successful completion

“Working with the SPA, the PRA’s technical officers have drawn on their many decades of experience and consulted with members of the Technical Committee to ensure that this new e-learning package captures everything that is necessary to enable employers to be confident that they have provided their staff with sufficient training to carry out their roles in a safe and competent manner,” says the PRA’s technical director Phil Monger.

“The SPA and PRA have worked within and beyond the guidelines for Petroleum Forecourt Operators Training issued by the Petrol Retailers National Steering Group, and are confident that it fits exactly what is required in the complex field of petrol forecourt safety and retailing compliance.”

The course will be open to both PRA and non PRA Members who can purchase the learning from SPA or directly through Paypal on the SPA e learning website.

Pricing per user (all 3 modules);

Non PRA Members – £54.95 incl VAT

PRA Members – £44.95 incl VAT

Dealer Groups can contact SPA directly for term & conditions 01926 817450

SPA launch new Core Construction for CSCS green card applicants

SPA are pleased to announce their new course – SPA Core Construction Day.

This course is aimed at those individuals who wish to apply for a green CSCS labourers card. Since October 2014, anyone wishing to take the CSCS online test must first take a one day level 1 course – Health & Safety in a Construction Environment. The new SPA course is equivalent to a level 1 QCF course and recognised by CSCS.

For further details please visit our webpage Core Construction Day

Over 20,000 Petrol Retail Contactors now hold an SPA Safety Passport

Safety Pass Alliance (SPA) achieves another milestone by passing the 20,000 mark for Contractors now using the SPA Petrol Retail Safety Passport scheme. The Southam based organisation of one of the Country’s leading leading providers of safety passport programmes and work within a wide variety of industries within the UK and abroad.

SPA Managing Director Ray Gibbs said

“This is a fantastic achievement and fully endorses the value of running safety passport programmes. Since SPA formed the partnership with the UK Petrol Industry Association (UKPIA) the scheme has brought about a higher understanding of health and safety issues amongst forecourt contractors. This has been achieved by working closely with the industry to create a course that’s relevant and up to date for those who need to undertake the training. By understanding the high degree of risk involved in working in this area, the SPA Petrol Retail Passport scheme has provided training solution that help safeguard the activities of Contractors, Staff and the Public when working on filling station forecourts”.

Petrol Retail Passport scheme

The Petrol Retail Safety Passport is run by the Safety Pass Alliance (SPA) and ensures that contractors working on petrol retail forecourts understand the risks involved. The training programme has been developed and is maintained by the Petrol Retail National Steering Group (PRNSG) whose members include: contractors, trade bodies, Cogent, national trading organisations such as Shell, BP and Esso as well as numerous supermarkets. The PRNSG meet regularly and the passport has been in circulation since 2001.

The Passport scheme has resulted in positive feedback from the industry. Russell BesSAMPLE PETROL PASSPORT_0001t, HSE Advisor at JET says:   “We require that any contractor employed by JET to work on a forecourt holds a valid Forecourt Passport, this gives assurance that anyone working on our behalf has the same understanding of the hazards of working on a forecourt and the behaviours expected of them.  We would encourage all Forecourt operators to check that anyone working on their site has a valid passport”.

There are currently over 16,000 valid petroleum retail passports in circulation across the UK, with numbers continuing to rise. The safety passport is undertaken as a 2 day course and is valid for 3 years, contractors then have the option to take a 1 day renewal course, up to 6 months before the expiry of their current passport. By sitting the refresher course it will not only save the contractor/employer time and money it will also ensure that all contractors understand the risks involved whilst completing work within a Petroleum environment, whether that be on the forecourt or inside the retail store.

Ian Kidger, Safety and Risk advisor for Esso explained; “At Esso we expect the highest safety skills from every individual working on our forecourts. The safety passport provides an essential understanding of the hazards, risks, safeguards, lifesaving rules, and safe behaviours critical to ensuring nobody gets hurt. At Esso we know there is no better start than an SPA passport”

For further information about the scheme or to see who trains the course in your area please visit or call one of the team on 01926 817450.


New Core Day Version 5

All Training Providers will shortly receive a new Core Day package disc V5, which will replace all previous versions. The new course has updated legislation, case studies and facts, along with videos and group tasks to help keep delegates interacting throughout the course. There will still be 2 assessment papers, now consisting of 20 questions on each paper, with a pass rate of 80%.

The course will be implemented from 1st January 2014 so it is essential that tutors are familiar with the new content as well as course administrators as there is updated assessment papers to be used.

New SPA Price List

From 1st October 2013 we will be increasing our passport prices to £20, not only will this now fall in line with our competitors, the price will now also include the annual audit visit and travel costs to each training provider. The change comes with a welcome opinion amongst training providers who claim it is an ‘excellent idea’.

The new Price list can be seen below:

SPA Passport Scheme

UK Prices

From 01st October 2013

All prices listed below are subject to VAT

Initial Fees

Initial Accreditation Fee (including first year Core licence) £550 (travel costs of 49p per mile apply + accommodation / expenses if applicable)

Annual Fees

Annual licence fee – Core £115.00

Annual licence fee – Sector £115.00

Annual licence fee – Module £25.00

Training Packages

Core training package £900

Construction / Live Events (1 day package) £900

Sector training package Petrol Retail £900

Sector training package / Supervisor £800

SPA Modules £99

Core Renewal package £450

Petrol Retail Renewal package which includes petrol DVD* £925

Other Sector Renewal packages £800

Additional Course Material CD’s if required £30

Additional DVD (if required) £30

Fees per course

Course fee, per day £16.00

(Includes recorded delivery return of permanent passports)

Passport fee £20 (includes SPA annual audit and travel expenses)

Extra Sector Body Registration Fee per Candidate

Petrol Retail (Cogent) £2

Mineral Products (MPQC) £20

Live Events (PSA) £5


Mineral Products delegates will also be charged for a one off QCF Qualification of £20 each.

Replacement permanent passport fee – Must be paid for on ordering £30

(Includes recorded delivery return)

Tutor passport fee £15

Tutor Registration fee £30

Pocket Guides

Pocket guide – core – Payment to be made with order if under £20 £1 each

Pocket guide – sector £1 each

Postage prices for pocket guides as follows: 01 – 20 pocket guides = £3

21 – 50 = £7

51 – 200 = £16

Over 200 = £20

NOTE:- Minimum order of £25 + p&p